What are Smart Spaces?

Smart Spaces are contextually aware environments. They understand who and what is present. This website allows you to visualise and discover the people and things located in any given Smart Space right now.

Click on anyone to discover what they're sharing via the circular icons. And select one of three views: Who is present, What is present or the Social Scene.

Smart Spaces are equipped with sensors that identify people and objects via their wireless devices (see reelyActive technology). Each person and object is linked with any digital content, which we call "stories", that they decide to share (click the Participate tab). The result is a real-time digital understanding of the real world (what we call hyperlocal context).

How can I participate?

In order for a Smart Space to detect you and share your stories, you need to:

  • host your stories online
  • carry a uniquely identifiable wireless device (smartphone, wearable, etc.)
  • opt-in and associate your device with the link to your stories

I have a smartphone

Participate in any Smart Space with your smartphone in under a minute with reelyApp:

reelyApp for Android

I have a Bluetooth Smart device

Many Bluetooth Smart devices can be detected by Smart Spaces, for instance fitness trackers and keychain fobs. If you know the 48-bit identifier of the device, participation is easy:

  1. create and store a profile on myjson.info
  2. when prompted enter the device's identifier

Visit myjson.info

I just want to be a bubble

It's also possible to host simulated Smart Spaces that present static content. For instance, check out The Island of Misfit Mascots. If that's all you need, simply get in touch!

Contact reelyActive

How can I develop with Smart Spaces?

At reelyActive, we believe in an open Internet of Things. All of the code behind Smart Spaces is open source. It's built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including Node.js on the server side.

We suggest that you start with our quickyActive tutorial. Then you can find plenty of other resources on diyActive, our developer page, including our Integrate your Mobile App tutorial. Or you can simply dive into our GitHub and npmjs pages.